HI everyone ! 

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer full of dance ! ;) I sure have ! Thank you to all my new and old friends in Pittsburgh & Atlanta for making my visits unforgettable! I can't wait to be back :)  

Atlanta, GA / August 4-7, 2014 

Pittsburgh, Pa / September 19 -21, 2014 

ALSO, I plan on going to NYC again this fall ! 

September 26-28, 2014 

October 24-26, 2014 

I am so looking forward to being in new places that allow my creativity to grow. I will still be available for shoots in South Florida !

I hope to see ya'll very soon ! 


Summer Trips !

SOOO excited for this summer to start ! Will be traveling to Pittsburgh first week in June, Atlanta after June 11 & Denver in July! I will announce once I lock in set dates ! Thank you SO much to my amazing friends from these cities, Shayla, Holly & Chanel ! 

I can't wait to meet new dancers in new places and take amazing photos !

Also can not wait for Intrigue Nationals July 3-9 in Orlando, and of course all the teaching I will be doing down here in South Florida.

Talk to ya'll soon :)



SO much to share !

Hi all ! Not use to having a blog, so I decided maybe I should use it a littleeee bit more ! The past few weeks have been crazy with photos, finals, and everything else ! Anyway, since spring break, I have SO many new photos to share and I promise I will post them all on my Facebook page. I had an AMAZING shoot with my good friend Melanie Ramos, and I have decided to add another long time dance friend of mine Abi Perl to partner with me and do makeup; if you would like to add a little something more to your photos ;) Those photos took my photography to a whole new level!

Also, got to take some photos and new friends of mine! I have recently decided to go back to my roots and take dance classes again and went to Holly Robinsons class, it was amazing and SO inspiring (had to sneak some photos while there of course!) We later had a crazy idea of Holly, Easton (holly's assistant), Ashley, and Rudy. This was my first time I used FOUR dancers in one shot, and the results are some real INSANE shots ! 

So happy to all the new amazing, talented and generous people I have met the past few weeks! Ya'll are amazing !! 

and Thank you SO much to everyone who has continuously supported me!

Hope to work with you soon!!